Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Welcome to the language laboratory!

Today, I am linking up with the Dabbling Speechie's decor linky party to show off the language laboratory.
Pictures can say 1,000 words so let's just let them handle most of the conversation today.
Dr. Speech
The view as you enter. Darth Vader is keeping an eye out on my manipulative toys. 
Wolverine wanted to hide in the shadows. 
P.S. You can see the giant poster I use for scheduling on the table. It's now covered in sticky notes.
The view of the therapy table from the door. I don't have letters up yet for my word wall.
The angled-wall side of the table with my language and phonemic awareness "zone." I also store craft supplies for my students on this side of the room so they can grab what they need. You can see my latest DIY project for the EET beside of my story rope. I bought some magnetic picture frames at Goodwill for .49 cents. I just cut out construction paper to size and drew an eyeball on one white sheet. They are taped to my wall but you could also glue them to a long ribbon and hang them from the wall too. 
Speech Rules, learning robot, and feelings poster. 
I decided to put sticker charts on the back of my door this year to open up more wall space. 
The other side of the table is dedicated to testing materials, small toys, and articulation (white drawers & brown basket).
The long wall of the closet which was my major source of grief. It looks 10,000 times better now and I've even reclaimed some space this year from the EC teachers. I have two out of the three walls of shelving now asides from the Math Trail blazers. (I couldn't imagine buying all of this stuff new in a store. 95% of my materials come from thrift shops, yard sales, and dollar stores. The other 5% are purchased only when they are put on clearance from Walmart, Target, and Super Duper.)


  1. Love the Dr. Speech theme. Plus your shelves look fantastic!



    1. Thanks, Kelly. The shelves have caused frustration the past two years. I think this year that problem has been mostly solved though.

  2. It looks like you have figured out a system for organizing all your materials! I love the Dr. Speech idea as well. Thanks for linking up with me!!