Monday, September 9, 2013

I'm a data-driven girl

I think September is quickly becoming my month for creating forms. Perhaps it's something in the air or maybe just nerves about forgetting something important.....At any rate, I like to have a hard copy of important information by my desk rather than on my computer. (I don't have the best luck with school computers.)

In my district, we are expected to have students participate in their IEP meetings in some capacity if able. This usually means that I have them introduce me to their parents and vice versa. We have to turn this data in at the end of the year. I figured having a cute form to keep this data would be more of an incentive than just entering it into a plain old spreadsheet document. 

The second log is just another way of cementing important due dates in my mind. I wanted a reference sheet that I can just check off as I tackle important tasks. Typically, I rely on a) planner; b) sticky note on desk; c) sticky note beside therapy table; c) wall calendar; and d) email calendar. It gets really confusing to figure out which note has been checked off and which ones haven't. This saves me some time and energy. 

Here is the link for the Student Led IEP log.

Here is the link for the Important Dates log.

Also, don't forget about my Parent Contact log freebie too.

Hope these freebies will help all of you out as well!

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