Saturday, September 7, 2013

When you're in a pinch and want something free...

My creativity the past week has started to wane. Fall allergy season is upon me and any type of medicine seems to have the wonderful affect of knocking me out. It's really hard to make cute activities when all you want to do is sleep. However, I have enjoyed exploring Teachers Pay Teachers for freebies to make up for my lack of energy. 
Here are my top 10 freebie picks for the weekend:

10) My Mouth is a Volcano. This freebie is a great writing activity for a social skills group as you read the book, My Mouth is a Volcano. I love Julia Cook's books. 
9) Fun with Idioms. This is a booklet you can make with students to go over 26 commonly heard idioms. I think it would be great to draw the meanings on the pages, but there are a few that would be difficult to illustrate. 
 8) Popsicle Prefixes Uno. I love using Uno in therapy. This would be a great activity for upper elementary, middle, & high school students. 
7) Sight Word Watches. I love the flexibility of this freebie. You can write articulation targets, categories, question words, vocabulary words, etc on them. It downloads as an image though which is not my favorite format.
6) Crayon Word Sort. This targets vowel sounds. I've run into students who have trouble articulating vowel sounds so it can happen. I like this as a back to school review. It's black and white so you can choose whatever color crayons you want. I also like this little glue bottle activity to go along with the crayons.
5) Word Work Vocabulary Notebook. I like this graphic organizer for my older students as it has a great layout. I think they will be seeing a lot of these sheets.
4) Wizard of Oz: Parts of Speech. I love the layout of these worksheets. Each one targets a different part of speech. It's not overtly girly either. 
3) Fly Words 1 and 2. Get your fly swatter ready and go to town learning sight words with this freebie. 

2) Synonyms: Connect Four. It's a powerpoint version of one of my favorite games. It would be really cool to throw this up on a SmartBoard if you have access to one.
1) Pass the Prize. This is a cute game to do for following directions. It has the added incentive of the last person winning a small prize (I'm thinking pencils).


  1. I was helping the CF I am supervising and a kindergartener came in with a watch on that said "like". I told him I liked his watch and he said, "thanks I LIKE it too". haha Love the site word watches..I think they would be GREAT for targeting articulation in therapy. Make the younger ones wear a word with their target sound!!

    1. Exactly what I was thinking. :) It's such a versatile tool.