Friday, September 27, 2013

It's smashing time!

I like to believe that there is a little hidden superhero in all of us. Mankind is able to overcome some terrible stuff --plagues, wars, discrimination-- and we are able to eventually celebrate our victory over the adversity in our lives. Children are no less concerned with "good" and "evil/bad" than adults even though they typically have a much less cynical view of the world around them. 

So, I am embracing the tiny speech superheros in my life as they struggle (and succeed) in overcoming the challenges of articulation and language delays. 

One new superhero story picked up on a recent Goodwill shopping trip for .75 cents. 
The alphabet isn't going to miss out on the superhero action either. We're going to learn about everything superhero style. (Amazon has a pretty good selection of superhero books.)
Hulk hands for superhero sound smashing fun....
We're also smashing objects that don't belong in a category. My older kids will soon be smashing the parts of speech too. There are just so many fun things to smash in our language laboratory this year. 

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