Monday, September 30, 2013

Vocabulary is going to the leaves.....

All the leaves are falling down
Falling down, falling down.
All the leaves are falling down,
It is fall time.
They are yellow, red and brown,
Red and brown, red and brown.
They are yellow, red and brown.
It is fall time.
Take the leaves and crunch them up,
Crunch them up, crunch them up.
Take the leaves and crunch them up.
It is fall time.

One bag of fabric leaves from the dollar store, one black sharpie, and Googling fall vocabulary words.

Deciding which words are Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III
Write on the leaves with paper underneath in case of ink bleeding through the thin fabric.

Wrap them up and pick some books.
Use them with the Expanding Expression Tool.

These are the ones I'm leaning towards this year:
Fall Book List
1. Mouse's First Fall (PreK-1st)
2. Let it Fall (PreK-1st)
3. It's Fall (PreK-1st)
4. Leaf Man (PreK-3rd)
5. Fall Mixed Up (PreK-?)

1. The Littlest Pilgrim (PreK-2nd)
2. Ten Fat Turkeys (PreK-1st)
3. I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie (PreK-2nd)
4. Thanksgiving Is... (2nd-5th)
5. If You Were At the First Thanksgiving (2nd-5th)
6. If You Sailed on the Mayflower (2nd-5th)


  1. Fun idea!! Can you tell me more about the Expanding Expression Tool? I am trying to think of a way to use this clever idea with my resource reading group. What exactly do you do with the leaves?

    1. Well, the kids will be grabbing for the leaves as I let them fall down on their heads. We'll pick one or two words from each person to use the Expanding Expression Tool with as it's a way of building up their vocabulary. I made my own circles since the kit costs too much ( We'll talk about what group/category the word belongs in (green); what the item does (blue); what it looks like (eyeball); what it is made of (brown); what it's parts are (pink); where we could find it (white); and other things that we know (orange). So turkey for example: group- bird/animal; do- flies/eats/says gobble gobble; looks like- a big brown bird with lots of feathers; made of- bones; parts- feathers/head & body; where- at a farm; what else- we eat them at Thanksgiving. I have the leaves leveled by Tiers so I can make sure the words we do are ones that are appropriate for each group.

    2. Thanks for sharing! I do really like the EET! I may have to adapt that in some way to use with my reading groups. I am not a speech therapist, but I bet I can think of some kind of way it. I teach special education (resource and co-teaching).
      Mrs. H's Resource Room

    3. It's a really great tool. I do some inclusion with the EC teachers at my school and have found that it's amazing what you can adapt when you put your mind to it. Best of luck!