Saturday, August 31, 2013

I'm plagued by spiders

I will admit that I am a total wimp when it comes to spiders. I cannot stand them--even the itty bitty baby ones. Yuck! Unfortunately, the warmer fall weather seems to be bringing the spider population out in all of its eight-legged nasty glory. There is a huge spider that loves cars and another one that constantly sneaks around the house. I've had zero luck in getting rid of either one. So I decided to make up a quick freebie to honor the "Spider Wars" and these two clever spiders that continue to outwit me at every turn.

This packet is similar to my first RtI freebie, Mermaids Away. It includes alphabet cards, nonsense words, syllable counting, Wh- questions, and following directions. I hope to make several of these RtI packets to give to teachers in my school district. You can grab a copy here.


  1. Thanks! This will be a fun supplement to my current materials. It's always nice to have something theme related! These are simple to use for RTI also. Emily

    1. You're welcome. My aim is to make several of these sort of activities that are friendly for teachers but also work for the speech room too. :)