Sunday, September 22, 2013

An exercise in field trip confusion...

I have a student who shouts field trip whenever a bus is around. It doesn't make much sense since that grade hasn't gone on a field trip yet. They aren't even planning one in the near future. Chalk it up to just being one of those odd "teachable moments" that thankfully comes with a co-teacher. We're both researching field trip activities and how to differentiate it from the regular school day. 

First off, I made a coloring book about a zoo field trip. The last three pages are movable pieces that you can color and glue to craft sticks. It is available for free on the Miss Thrifty SLP facebook page for fans-- just look for the fan freebie tab. (It's just an experiment to see if I can actually get the app to work.)

Secondly, I've been browsing the internet to find picture books about field trips.

Versus bus books

1. School bus

Here is a helpful A-Z handout on Adaptive Books. I found a book on Tar Heel Reader about going to the Zoo and How do you get to school? I really like taking actual photographs and turning them into books. I can't do that for this lesson so Tar Heel Reader helps make up for that. 

P.S. For those of you working on Medicaid, I also have another paperwork freebie for you. Grab your copy of Medicaid Checklist here.

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