Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Conversation junction, what's your function?

It's always fun when you have to figure out how to combine teaching two seemingly unrelated things to a group. My brain may as well be permanently set on School House Rock. I'm teaching grammar and social skills in one thirty minute block. It's not the hardest thing to combine, but I always end up wondering if there is a more efficient way of teaching both at once. My chief concern is that my students are going to get lost in the sea of rules that govern both topics. The best way I know how to address the two areas with equal focus is to make all of my social skills activities based on writing tasks. 

Conversation Junction is similar in format to the My Feelings Diary that I recently made. I wanted to keep them complimentary so my students will be familiar with the style even though this one is more geared towards upper elementary. It's one less thing on their cognitive load if they already have an idea of my expectations.

Grab a copy of Conversation Junction here.

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