Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Thoughts on Reading Foundations

If you heard someone shouting in relief on Monday, that was probably me after getting my post-test score back from Reading Foundations. It was a great class. I'm just glad that it's over so I can enjoy what little I have left of my summer vacation. (I swear it just flew by this year.)

So, what did I learn from Reading Foundations?
1. Teachers and trainers assume that this training is just a bunch of old news to SLPs.
I don't particularly agree with this outlook. There was a decent amount of information that I was familiar with (ie. structure of language), but the course is designed for teachers. I knew very little about the assessments and reading programs they discussed. Letterland felt like a saving grace moment. The teaching strategies for general education was also uncharted territory for me and the ones I did know had different names.
2. The 6 syllable types will plague me for life. 
3. Reviewing my notes from graduate school is a good idea. However, those notes only go so far and future professional development opportunities must be taken in reading. 
4. Dyslexia is really fascinating. 
5. Instruction needs to be Explicit, Multi-sensory, and Systematic. (Yay for Orton-Gillingham!) 
6. The proper names for several graphic organizers. 
7. Children's books contain more vocabulary words than college-educated adults' conversations. 

The biggest thing I came away with is the fact that I learn best by re-packing information. Hence, I have made a little file with the "vital" information that I plan on turning into a handy book once I have access to the binding machine. I will be keeping it on my desk with my other little quick referencing book.  

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