Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wading in the Ocean that is Response to Intervention

This summer has been the "Summer of RtI" in my books. I have researched the role of SLPs in RtI to death. Seriously, it feels like I spent all summer trying to find stuff for the new RtI handbook the SLPs in my district will eventually receive this fall. You can check them out on my new RtI Resource tab here.

It's not just about assisting the RtI task force in the creation of the new Handbook though. The second step in the process is to increase teacher awareness of our role as SLPs in the RtI process. I created a small presentation that will hopefully be presented at each school. It highlights who we are, the process we go through to serve students, and our areas of expertise. The lead SLP and I will be presenting to the other SLPs at our first speech meeting. Please keep your fingers crossed for me as public speaking isn't my favorite thing to do. It's one of the many curses of being introverted. (P.S. You can find the powerpoint that I used as a guide to create my own at this site just look for Role of SLP.) 

The third step is to follow through aiding the teachers by giving them helpful documents. My district will hopefully be using 5 Minute Kids at all of our elementary schools (two of us already have the book sets to use) for articulation. I am more concerned in creating documents that relate to reading and language tasks. It's important for teachers to know that they can come to their SLP for advice and ideas to help students. Busy Bee Speech's recent post "Dear Teacher....Love, Your SLP" resonates deeply with me. Thus, I decided to make something that I can send to teachers as they need them for phonemic awareness and language. Hopefully, there will be more to come as the new school year progresses.   

You can get your copy of Mermaids Away for RtI here.

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