Thursday, August 22, 2013

A sneak peak....

Teacher workdays started up on Monday. I've spent a grueling 3.5 days getting my room back together after coming back to find the wonderful surprise of EC math tubs on my table. Apparently, my coworker was wrong about the custodial staff not needing those tubs they have stored in my closet off of the floor. It wasn't a good Monday. All I can say is that I'm very thankful for my mother. She rescued me after a quick phone call to tell her that I was over my head in re-organizing the closet that I thought would already be fine. She spent two days with me so that I could get to the point of actually decorating my room. (I cannot imagine trying to deal with that kind of issue in a regular classroom. Thank you, speech dungeon, you give me some semblance of sanity even on my worst perfectionist days.)

So for your sneak peak of my room, I would like to talk about my trick to organizing the space as part of Speech Room New's second link up. I keep the majority of my materials organized by little "zones." I have a bookcase that houses language stuff, one for testing materials, and one that holds craft supplies/district owned games. It really helps for me to have this system in place at the beginning of the year so I don't have to search for things when I need to write an IEP or bill Medicaid.  
This plastic shelf is my sticker/SLP crafting shelf. I have *most* of my die-cuts stored in here for days when I need to make up a new game. The first drawer is for games in progress and the middle one is for all of my stickers. It stays near my desk so those things are handy when I want them.
My other plastic shelf is designated for articulation materials. It holds all of my Webber decks, puppets, and artic books. The brown basket holds the supplies I use to accompany the artic cards. It can travel with me if needed with or without my therapy cart.

P.S. I allow myself to have one spot in the room that looks like a hurricane hit it during IEP session: my desk. I know where everything is on it, but I imagine it drives some of my coworkers batty.


  1. Awesome! What a nice mother you have! Thanks for linking up!


    1. Yes, she is a life-saver. Thanks for hosting such an awesome link-up!

  2. Things can get so stressful at the beginning of the year, and having unexpected "surprises" make it worse, don't they? How great that your mom was there and able to help you get organized!
    I took a look at your "about me"...I went to undergrad school just across the mountain from "Appy State"! :)

    1. Yes, those unexpected do tend to make things worse. I'm very lucky that I live in my hometown (still with my parents at this point lol) and can have parental help when needed.

      That's really cool! I've met very few people in the blogging who are familiar with App at all. :)