Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Getting the year started off right with more data keeping

As the school year gets off to a running start with a week and a half of hearing screenings, I am trying to take steps to insure I do a better job of documenting of the non-SLP specific variety. Graduate school sort of spoils you in a bubble of ignorance when it comes to the importance of documenting all forms of contact with clients/caregivers. It's just not something that we tend to think about being as a crucial aspect of our job. We have IEPs to write, Medicaid to bill, and therapy sessions to plan. If I see X's mom in the hallway and say "Hi! How are you?", it doesn't always register to my brain that I might want to take note of that conversation since it doesn't relate to the student.

Documentation of all parent/guardian contact; however, is an important aspect of our job in the school system. So I will be trying out a new handy dandy log form this year to keep track of everything in one place. If you'd like a copy to try out, you can grab it here.
I plan on making a little binder with several of these sheets for each school year. I can stick the binder in my file cabinet with my speech records.

P.S. If you like using logs to keep track of data, you should check out this freebie screening/evaluation log on TeachersPayTeachers. I absolutely love it. She also has her own contact form which goes into more detail than mine.

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