Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Components of Summer Language Homework

I've started working on summer packets for my students. It's a rather daunting task as I try my best to select materials that parents & children will enjoy completing together. Everyone has a different style of summer packets so here is my 2013 recipe (P.S. It's all free):

One file folder per student, sides are stapled together to form a pocket and a label is glued to the front with the student's name.

My folders ended looking something similar to this one on Kinder Trips minus the tape.

Language Delays
-Calendar for younger students (Spanish version)
-Calendar for older students part 1, 2, 3, 4
- Summer Coloring Sheets
-Summer Compare and Contrast
-Summer word finds 1,  2, 3

-Ocean Themed Articulation sheets
-Calendar for older students
- Sound "books" made of construction & copier paper. The kids get to glue pictures containing their words into these little mini books. It's basically a take-home version of my articulation book crafts that I used in therapy this year.
-Pages from the Webber Articulation & Phonology Books based on the individual targets of the students
-Summer Coloring Pages

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I cannot get enough of Lego videos on youtube right now and this is from my favorite movie.