Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Articulation Antics

My hands will probably never forgive me for all the recent crafting projects I have started. Pinterest is completely to blame and my therapy room is going to reap great benefits. I got this idea after seeing an environmental print alphabet book. I just took it up a notch.

This project is definitely one to call "a work in progress." I've been at it for about two months now and still have lots of things to continue adding with the help of my students. (P.S. It doesn't take nearly as long if you use clip-art from Microsoft. I just like to gather magazines & enough sales ads for this sort of thing.) It's a great way to interest your articulation groups into paying attention to their environment and it teaches new categorization/vocabulary for language skills. 
I save all of my pictures in an old ice-cream container. It's easy to store and  tote around with me.
These are the books that I am currently working on. I have pictures saved up for vowels as well. 
Sorting process. It takes me about an hour to get everything ordered.
I finally got smart and stuck the clippings with their book into a Ziploc bag after the 4th time of doing this.
Close up of a few piles. 

What you'll need:
Magazines, sales ads, old boxes, newspapers, tags (aka. anything you can cut up), stickers....
Small photo albums (I decided to make one per sound. The black ones were .49 cent at Salvation Army and the sparkly ones came from Walmart for $1.)
Note cards that fit your albums (Mine are 4 by 6)
Lots of tape

Now that the bones of my books are started, I plan on having my students help me add more pictures to these books. Future students will reap the benefits just by looking for pictures with the target sound and making sentences for them. I tried to use categories for each page of the album which include: things kids like, games & movies, mommy things, daddy things, grocery store shopping, numbers, names, and words. I also have an "I spy" section in the back of each book that mixes items and words.

I plan on using these books with my J. Moncure alphabet books. I LOVE using these books for articulation therapy once we get past the word level. I've bought all of mine from thrift stores for $2 and under though I still do need a few more letters to have the complete set.                                
                                      COMPLETE SET OF MY FIRST STEPS TO READING~~A-Z~~ 24 BOOKS


  1. I really like this idea! Think we're going to have to create some with some of my students - especially the artic ones --- but I can see using them for language skills as well (plurals, etc.)

    1. Yes, you can definitely use them for language skills as well. :)