Saturday, May 4, 2013

Another 1st Experience: the Carson-Dellosa Warehouse Sale

Today, I had another adventure into the wonderful world of hunting for discounts. I went to the Carson-Dellosa Warehouse Sale. The warehouse opens its doors twice a year for a major discount sale and it's somewhat of a teacher's paradise. I learned about it through the EC teachers at my school back in the fall. The sale sounded intriguing even  though I figured it might not be as useful to me as an SLP. 

Lessons learned: 
1. Take a rolling cart. They have about 4 for everyone to use. The chances of just 4 teachers being there is slim to none. I dragged around two overloaded Super Duper bags.
2. Bring a friend/helper. 
3. Use your GPS to find the warehouse. It's in the middle of nowhere. 
4. You have to add up your purchases via a handy sheet as they really don't have a cash register.
5. Be prepared to dig through a ton of boxes. There are massive boxes of books, cards, posters, and more books. It's not really set up in any particular order. 
6. On the last day, everything is an additional 50% off (Kiddos to me for having good timing!)

The majority of the products are geared towards teachers. I don't really like using workbooks so I concentrated on digging for flashcards. I managed to find several nice decks of flashcards to use, a felt puppet, a puzzle, a game, and some more cut-outs to use for future language/articulation decks. Everything ended up being about $1 an item. 

I'm pretty excited about using my new treasures next year. Hopefully, I will be able to go to many more Warehouse sales to come in the future. It's really too bad that Super Duper doesn't offer one. 

In the meantime, here's another go together activity for articulation carryover. This activity targets /r/ and is a power point file for flexibility. You can grab it here.

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