Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bargain shopping

I'm always on the hunt for new places to shop for bargains. This weekend I randomly stopped in at a bargain outlet while visiting with another good friend.

Ollie's is a bargain outlet store that sells closeouts and excess inventory (the excess is a little excessive in the some of the isles, particularly the book section). I wouldn't necessarily define their prices as terrific on all of the items. However, I don't think this store should be counted out of my thrifty shopping spots either. The children's books range from $1-6. It's no worse than if I decided to order something off of Amazon. Plus, I actually get to handle the items and personally pick out the one that's in the best shape.

I picked up Annie & the Wild Animals by Jan Brett for $4 which is about what I would pay at a used bookstore. They also have a variety of toys and games that range from .50 cents and up. I managed to find a set of "goes together" pocket chart cards for $5, opposites cards for .50, and Disney's story smash-ups for $5. I cannot wait to use these new materials with my students next year.

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