Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sticky notes save lives....

One of the most dreaded things in school systems has finally hit.....SUMMER FEVER. My students have been nothing short of wild this week which is a great way to start my first "full" therapy week back after a month of kindergarten screenings. I've been hit with balls, hair tugged, had my ears assaulted with articulation screaming drills (pointing at the red portion of my volume meter didn't do any good...nor did taking away stickers), and had to help with groups when meltdowns occurred in the EC classroom. It's been a totally amazing week back into the good ol' swing of things.

All of this leading me up to the point of saying that Sticky notes save lives. There's few things better than sending a bunch of hyped up and summer-dazed children on a scavenger hunt.
I salute you, 3M, for saving my sanity. 
My walls and shelves were covered in these little pieces of heavenly paper after Monday's rough start. My students had to find wh- question words and match them up to a corresponding note that defined the meaning. You can pretty much have them search for everything under the sun with Sticky notes: articulation targets, opposites, CVC words, sight words, directions, vocabulary words, etc....I could probably go on forever about how much I love using them as a review strategy. It's also a great way to make do with a supply that schools generally give out to staff. 

You can also pull out this game for their 2-3 minute "play reward" to let them get out some of the excessive energy. It's a great way to target listening skills and following directions. If you are worried that your students might have more fun smacking each other with the mallets, make them use their hands to play this game.

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