Thursday, May 2, 2013

When recovering from 3 weeks of kindergarten screening.....

You may find yourself a drawing a blank on therapy ideas after three weeks of screening preschoolers at 4 different elementary schools. I have yet to pinpoint why I find testing preschoolers so exhausting, especially screening. We didn't have too many melt-downs/separation issues this year asides from one who tried to make himself vomit  after refusing to participate. 

I pulled out one activity that I haven't used with students yet to incorporate with my book of the week, Chicks and Salsa. I bought this at Goodwill at some point last year for $1.99 and sat it on my therapy shelf. It's pretty sad to admit that sometimes it takes me a year to pull out a new material to try. (Surely, I'm not the only one out there who has a set of materials that get used on a daily basis?) The kids were intrigued when they saw the box. Who wouldn't be, really, when you see pictures of kids flying on books? 

Trhyme Junior is the child-friendly version of Trhyme. The game revolves around figuring out a set of three rhyming words based on clues. I modified the rules of the game for my students to make it more of a naming activity based on descriptive clues. 
 The game comes with a ton of clue cards. I bundled up the ones that wouldn't work with my caseload with a rubber band. I can always add them back to the deck as my caseload changes. This helps increase the speed of game play and ensures that they won't get frustrated with the tasks. My groups averaged about 15 minutes of play for a winner using my modifications.
This is definitely an activity that I plan on using more with my students. 

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