Thursday, October 25, 2012


I will be the first to admit that I do not consider myself a pro at organization. My intentions are always great at the beginning of the year even as a student. Every object starts out with a specified place that is usually by alphabetical order, theme, or generally goes okay for the first month. I have the tendency to slowly decline as the workload increases....most notably affected is my desk. It always ends up looking like WWIII if one could use paper as ammunition. I, generally, know where everything is even at the height of my chaos.    

My finds from pinterest and "home-made" items are housed in a green bin. I originally used it to store construction paper. I had to change strategies this year as my "crafts" started to overflow. Now, this is definitely not the end to my collection of therapy ideas. The majority of them are still stored on my flash drive as I never have time to print everything off. I've learned to save everything and leave a back-up on my computer. It's not a great feeling to find out that the project you were going to use got taken off or blocked via internet restrictions. 
I put many of my game card items in note-card holders that I snag for .50 at Salvation Army. I put the pieces for my file folder games in these as well unless I am running out of room. I pull out zip-lock bags when all else fails. 
Some things are just too big for my usual strategies. My great-aunt gave my grandmother a bunch of things she didn't want anymore. I found this card holder and immediately claimed it. I bought a bunch of cards at the Dollar Tree for parts of speech that are too big to fit into anything else. It's a great solution that doesn't take up much space as you can see.'s a never ending battle. 

P.S. I did my first presentation today! It went pretty well I think. :)


  1. My desk currently looks like a 3-year-old went through it. Fantastic. I'm trying to be better at organizing, and sometimes win (like the years I actually use my notebook system for all school/professional development/forms/etc paperwork)...but I always need to improve. I do really like your card holder, and now have plans to go get me one of them.

    Talking With Rebecca

    1. I'm embarrassed by how bad my desk looks right now. It usually takes until Thanksgiving for it to look like a whirl-wind hit it.

      I love my card holders. My desk would probably look about 10 times worse if it wasn't for them.