Friday, October 26, 2012

finally a tiny piece of progress

The first of the reading goal banks is finally here. My guess is that I won't have the other ones started until Thanksgiving or Christmas with the way my schedule is for the next month. The best laid plans have the tendency to go to waste. Oh well, I did mean well at the start of my Common Core project. It's been a great learning experience and finishing those reading goal banks will make me a happier person. I must say that I greatly admire Jenna at Speech Room News and Jenn over at Crazy Speech World. I do not know how they find the time to make such wonderful materials with all of their other responsibilities. Honestly, I feel like I'm doing good to at least post once a week.


  1. Hi Amy, I loved the CCS breakdown for kindergarten! May I please request a link or how to purchase your bank of CCS goals? Thank you for sharing! P.S. All of you young ladies with these beautiful blogs that share ideas are motivating and inspiring to the rest of us! God bless you for your kindness and generosity?

    1. Thank you! All of my goal banks are free for everyone. I have them listed in my pages at the top of blog. You just download them from google. I haven't finished the reading section yet due to the demands of work, but I'm glad that so many people are finding them to be useful. :)