Sunday, October 7, 2012

It was a graveyard smash!

My older students are not going to be left out of the Halloween madness. I took the game pieces out of my Ned's Head and combined them with a few items from my phonics box set to create this....

Take one black cauldron from the dollar store (or a thrift store find) and fill it with shredded paper.
Hide freaky things like a "pea brain" and tongue.
Just don't take tips on hiding things from my kiddos. A little too obvious there guys....
Let the kids dig around for objects.
My rule is that they have to describe what they touch before pulling it out of the cauldron.

I purchased two packets of rubber bouncy balls (12 total) with spiders in the center. I give the kids an extra turn when they come across one of them. Otherwise, I already had everything I needed to create this simple game.