Monday, February 8, 2016

Social Skills Round 2

While my husband enjoyed the Superbowl (sort of--his team lost), the dogs and I thought up new ideas for my social skills group. We decided that football games are a good time to reminisce about the good old days when I did inclusion groups last year. Some memories were good and some were not quite as great....

But what a great way to to talk about what we are expected to do in the classroom! Students see things like these actions all the time in classrooms and they leave a HUGE impression. I imagine some may see worse and some may see better depending on the make-up of the classroom. 

I hope you will find these scenarios to be another helpful addition to your social skills toolbox!

You can grab your copy of Classroom Social Skills here.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Buyer Beware

Don't you just love it when something breaks after the 30 day return policy? I know that I sure do.....

I bought an extra EET strand from Northern Speech Services during their Christmas sale. I have used it all of three times since I bought it on 12/18 and the plastic balls are crumbling. I haven't let my students touch it. I haven't banged it on any tables or dropped it on the floor. Yet, I can see little white lines on every single plastic ball.....and today the "where" ball split at the top. So out comes the hot glue to put it back together as well as secure the little end piece that fell off yesterday. 

I think I am justified in warning all of you readers considering I put the one at my previous school through the works without any damage. Either Northern Speech gets all of the crappy extras or the company selling the EET has started using a cheaper materials. Buyer Beware.

If I could send this $30-some dollar piece of crap back, I would do it in a heartbeat. This is exactly why I am very picky about the materials I buy in the first place. It has to be able to stand up to children. You can't even look at this thing without it falling to pieces. 

Clearly my students are going to love playing with the dried glue more than listening to me now.
The first one to go....but not the last.
You can see the white line on the Pink Parts ball is at the bottom. I'm going to assume it too will break soon.
I kept falling off during the middle of a session.