Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Tale of Two Buckets...

Once upon a time, there were two buckets that lived on a teeny-tiny shelf in a cozy room. They sat on the shelf for months waiting for their turn. They dreamed of their moment of glory.

The sound muncher haven.
The buckets are finally released from shelf duty. Now, they must help the speech detectives make their sounds.
Bat rings for Halloween? Yes, please. They make great reinforcers.
Now to be serious, I used these two buckets to help the kids see how well they can make their sounds. They got to judge whether the sounds were good or bad (in sets of 5) with a little help from me. The good sounds earned a bat in the blue bucket and the not-so-great ones went in the red. I had enough colors to keep the count separate for each student. They got to count out their bats and see how many they had of each kind. I drew faces on the table and put the bats next to the number.

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