Sunday, April 15, 2012

spring break

Today is the last day of my Spring Break. It's been a wonderful week-long episode of freedom from meetings, noisy hallways, and rooms with no windows. (Yes, my speech room has no windows and was a closet at one point in time.)

Accomplishments- Sleep - Reading books for fun - Day trip - Pinterest Exploring - Quality time with my cats

This coming week I will be learning about kindergarten transitions. Eek! Two days of testing kids with the new DIAL and praying my students will go easy on me. I was going to do a pirate themed week, but I will have to delay that until next week. My kids will be doing a graffiti art project instead that I can hang out in the hallway for May's Better Speech & Hearing month as I don't have any decorations out right now. 

I am up to my eye-balls in IEPs & billing for the next two months. Praying I will survive.