Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Goodwill finds of the week....

It's another Reading Foundations week for me. The training is a good review of grad school concepts, but I'm looking forward to being done with reading articles for homework. The 3am puppy wake-up calls have made me into quite the zombie. 

I thought I would share two neat thrift store finds in the meantime. The bear blocks are good for simple sorting tasks. It's designed for preschoolers but it's good for older students who are working on basic concepts too. I can have my students find the bears that only have hats or have on something red. The Goodwill in my hometown usually doesn't have games aimed at younger kids so I was very surprised.   
My second find is another Find It for 1.99 (which is a steal based on the Amazon price). This one is aimed at younger kids with it's collection of alphabet blocks and basic objects. My princess version taught me the importance of looking for "I spy" types of games. Students just love these toys and it's a great way to work on vocabulary. 
I also love to use these games in articulation groups. They help keep my students entertained while they are waiting for their turn. It's not particularly loud and there's no mess to worry about. I know that the wait time between students can be a challenge for SLPs who don't like to use crafts.

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