Monday, June 24, 2013

You can't go wrong with crowns.

The best craft projects are those with the potential to create a little bit of a mess. Any child will tell you that although we adults often loathe the prospects of cleaning up the damage. Traditionally, I stick to things that don't involve the prospects of damaging clothes or cleaning. My inner scrapbooker enjoys tasks that stick to sharpies, tape, and magazine pictures. It's high time that I ventured slightly out of crafting comfort zone. 
 So a bottle of navy spray paint later and 18 cherry red burger king crowns fears were conquered. I did minimal damage to my backyard and gave some old newspapers a new purpose.
 The crowns are great blank slates for projects once they're spray painted. I plan on making a set for the EET using die-cut circles similar to the ones in this previous post. I just don't have access to a die-cutter at the moment so I can't show you the results of that. You could also make one for each articulation sound so the kids always know who is working on what sound today.
However, I have started on a pronoun set. I am making two girl crowns and two boy crowns. One set will feature just plain models and the other set will have them completing actions. This way, I can use the crowns for double duty with wh-questions/syntax (who and what is "who" doing). I took small pictures and simply taped them on to the crown. There's no need for writing on the crowns with the pictures.
The total cost of the project was $1 for the paint. Burger King was awesome enough to give me the crowns for free!

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