Friday, June 28, 2013

It's a happy friday

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I'm starting to slowly gather up supplies for my next crafting project. It can take me a while to find pictures that I really like in old newspapers and magazines. However, that is NOT the problem with my Super Duper catalogs. I usually find too many things that I want to cut out and use in my projects as they have some of the best children models around. (The best toy pictures usually come from Rhode Island Novelty and Oriental Trading.) I don't have quite everything I need yet and I've got to back the pictures with sturdy paper. 
While I am waiting to get my crafting stuff together, I am still out hunting for bargains over the summer. I found these Crack the Codes books from Childcraft on Monday at my favorite discount store. They were $1 a book which is a very good deal. The majority of the books deal with basic concepts while a few work on syntax. 
 I love that each page is focused on one target so my students won't get overwhelmed. They also get the benefit of guessing the answer and having it "magically" appear with the help of the wands.

I've never heard of Childcraft before so I did a little research. It's one of several companies within School Specialty, Inc. It was formed in 1946 and specializes in educational materials for early learners (pre-K to 2nd grade). They have a lot of neat products such as the literacy tutor boxes. Sites like theirs are what help inspire many of my crafting projects.

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