Sunday, May 26, 2013

Two more weeks to go.

There are two more weeks in the school year for students. The Memorial day holiday and EOG testing means that I really only get to see students for two days this coming week. I'm a little nervous about helping with the EOGs as I didn't have to do it last year. The final week of school will see many classroom celebrations. 

My plan for therapy in the next few days is pretty simple: reviewing the EET (which I use these handy die-cut circles for) for older students and a following directions craft for the younger ones. 

 The best thing about these little laminated circles is taking them outside and "hopping" through the words. My students also love to write on the table so either situation is a win-win for me. Lately, I've been using the EET to help my students make comparisons about objects.
 The little ones get to make 1 of three items with this kit I picked up from the Paper Factory for .50 cents. I love these foam stickers because they are pretty easy for them to manipulate.


  1. I love that you are writing on the table. EET is one of my favorite therapy tools too!

    1. Writing on the table is usually the highlight of my therapy sessions with my older kids. I don't have a white board so it's really the only option I have.