Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Completely unrelated to speech but............

We've had thunderstorms every evening so far this week. It makes working on the computer a little difficult. I'm also just starting to get back into my creative spirits. So this post is for all the dog lovers out there. 

My parents have two medium sized dogs (now that we lost our mini dachshund) who LOVE to go on walks. 

I'd estimate that they both weigh around 65 pounds. This usually means that they walk us on a frantic smelling journey. It takes a toil on my hands. So I was thrilled to find this thing called Master Grip at the pet store on discount for $1. It's just a soft piece of plastic that slips onto the leash and feels like a handle. 

It's been three days so far and I love this thing. The dogs still drag me down the road at breakneck speed but my hand doesn't hurt as bad afterwords. 

Happy trails for happy tails.

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