Thursday, April 17, 2014

We're all bucket fillers here.....

I know that there are tons of people posting about this book. I'm jumping on the bandwagon quite late because our leadership trainees gave everyone at my school a copy of this book recently. Getting this book for free has been the silver lining of the past three weeks. My younger groups jumped in with reading this book (even though most of them read it at the beginning of the year) with little hesitation. They love the colorful pictures and I love the simple explanations. It is worth it's weight in gold at this point as tempers are starting to flare up a bit. 

I like to break books like this up into sections. The first reading focused on the positives of being a bucket filler and the second featured the bucket dippers. 

We made a list of things that fill our buckets and then things that dip into our buckets. It was a pretty big hit with the majority of my students. (You can access my less than stellar drawings by clicking the underlined words.)
The book's website has great free resources too.

I think this is one of those books that definitely needs several readings across the school year. It just helps remind all of our students that respect and kindness are golden. 

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