Monday, April 21, 2014

Faculty Socials....What to take???

I don't know if every school does a faculty social, but mine has one every month that is hosted by a different grade level/team. We have some staff members who are very consistent in what they bring and how their team sets up the fare. We also have some members of the staff who are always bringing something new each time their team has to host. It could be store bought or homemade....It's just never the same thing twice.

I fall into the second category. Socials stress me out. I never know what to bring and my cooking skills are still at your basic college level. The only thing that I really do know after three years of socials is that store bought food is usually very low on the totem pole. It seems like everyone at my school will refuse to eat cookies or baked goods from the grocery store. So I thought I would share the one decent recipe I have for socials today.

Fail-proof Chicken Crescent Rolls

My version is modified from this one:
2 cans of white meat chicken
1.5 containers of garden vegetable cream cheese
2 containers of 8 count crescent rolls

Drain the chicken and mash up the chunks into small threads. Mix with the cream cheese until well blended. Then place a spoonful of the cream cheese chicken mixture onto each crescent roll. Roll the crescent rolls up and then bake according to the directions on the can. I like to let my crescent rolls just get a touch of golden color before taking them out of the oven.

You can add extra ingredients to the cream cheese mixture. I've used celery and sage in them. I've also used several different kinds of cream cheese spreads. My favorite is the vegetable medley.

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