Monday, April 28, 2014

Thank heavens for field trip days....

Thank heavens for field trips to the zoo. This SLP has been overrun with paperwork and making a presentation to show at our next speech meeting. I thought this was a very appropriate to talk about the joys of Field Trips for those of you who will be joining the ranks of the school-based SLPs or are considering it.

Oh let me count the ways......

1) It's one of the most excellent ways to play paperwork catch up. I spent my additional time writing a last minute IEP (thanks to testing mods that the case manger almost hard feelings because it's hard to keep track of so many students.), finishing up an eval. report, and writing an IEP for an upcoming meeting.

I also recommend tackling billing. I was planning on doing that until the IEP stuff came up.

2) Setting up meetings. I always call parents during my lunch or after school. I think these are probably 2/3 worst times to call a parent. You either don't get an answer or they're in a hurry with nothing nearby to write a date down. (The third is in the morning before 9 am.)

3) Planning therapy lessons and/or making materials. I love doing some of my crafty things so my students have examples to go by. I've learned that several of my students will not attempt any craft activity until they have seen one that's already made.

4) Send out emails. Want to know how students in RtI are doing? How about checking in on the ones that are already on the caseload?

5) Going to the library to pick out some new books. This is one that I NEVER have enough time to do. Field trips are the only opportunity I get.

What do you like to do on field trip days?

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