Saturday, April 12, 2014

Just keep swimming

Just keep swimming to the end of the school year, right?
 I have two more additions to my syntax card series this weekend. They work the same way as the noun set. Have the students circle or highlight the target word(s). There is absolutely nothing wrong with talking about the other word types they can find in each sentence within each packet. I would just use a different color for each word type that you use consistently in sessions (I use the Colorful Semantics scheme). Level one cards are simple sentences that contain fewer words. Level two cards are slightly harder. Each card set features a different color frame so you can tell them apart.

I Mustache You to Find the Verbs here and I Mustache You to Find the Describers here.


  1. These are great sets. I use colorful semantics as well and have had some incredible results. Thank you.