Friday, February 7, 2014

If at first you don't succeed, find another way to get people to listen to you....

In the battle to increase awareness of what Speech-Language Pathologists do in the schools, I have FINALLY made some headway at my school. I've mentioned before that I helped present an overview of our role at the district-wide mini conference with two of my coworkers. The only problem was the fact that only one person from my school attended. The 5th grade ESL teacher. While I am certainly glad that one person decided to show her support, I was a slight bit frustrated with the thought of having to ask to present at a staff meeting. They always just feel rushed or draggy because the timing is usually not the greatest. 

I finally bit the bullet and talked to the instructional facilitator about the Expanding Expression Tool and the story comprehension rope that I use constantly. It WORKED! She told me that I could speak to K-2nd teachers during their planning with her. I presented to K-1 today and it went really well. The kindergarten team was especially responsive and appreciative for the mini presentation. The first grade team was a little harder to read, but the principle came in half-way through so I got to show her the EET too! Even if nothing more comes from them now having the materials to make their own story rope as well as a die-cut EET, I feel like I have finally started to spread the word that SLP is more than just articulation. I even get to present to 3-5th grades now! (I just have to figure out a way to prove that the materials are still relevant to those age groups.) 

I may not have gotten much Medicaid billing done, but I feel so accomplished right now. I hate (loathe, and despise) public speaking and here I am speaking to all of the grade level teams. Plus, I get to help out with another presentation to the EC faculty on Executive Functioning (definitely not as prepared to talk about that) as well as showing them our SLP overview. I guess this is the "year of overcoming public speaking" and showing my potential to a wider group of people. I think my former professors at Salem would be very proud to how far I have come with the foundation that they helped me build. Never forget your roots. 


  1. This is awesome! Keep it up and continue to step out of your comfort zone. You will make gains and so will your students. :)

    1. Thank you, Beverly! That's what I keep telling myself when the moment arises. Helping them achieve is the name of the game and if I have to a few presentations along the way it will be for the betterment of the future. :)