Saturday, February 22, 2014

Can Cookie Monster become a Whole Body Listener?

Welcome to the zone of the "Mid-Year Slump." This week has flown by without much getting accomplished. The students are having to re-acclimate themselves to school after last week's snow and the professionals are in meeting central. The district SLPs presented our "Role of the SLP in the Schools" & a brief introduction of Executive Functioning at the elementary and middle/high school EC meetings. I was only able to present at the elementary meeting due to some other obligations, but it was certainly an interesting experience to present to such a large group. I didn't realize I was capable of speaking in front of more than 15 people. Now, I just have to survive writing 6 IEPs in roughly four days. It may be quiet for a few days around here while I deal with that.

I will leave you with this treat. We are having some trouble with our listening skills and my usual tricks aren't working. I've decided to try a different tactic with Sesame Street. I am showing my students this video and then they have to earn their own "cookie belt."

My younger students were a bit mesmerized by the thought of earning their own cookie belt. They thought I would give them real cookies and glue them to sentence strips. Unfortunately for them, I am worried that some of them may have unknown allergies so actual cookies will not be used for this activity. It's definitely within the realm of possibilities though if you aren't a major chicken like me. I just made up a file of cookie pictures with the help of Paint. You can grab a copy here.

 The bonus is that this helps the younger ones with some fine motor practice.

I don't like green cookies, Sam I am. 

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