Monday, February 17, 2014

You just never know...

My week is pretty packed with paperwork and meetings. Unfortunately, I have been less than motivated to work on much during my "snow-cation." Snow just makes me want to curl up under the covers and sleep. I guess it's a very good thing that I live in the South where it doesn't snow too much. I would never get anything done otherwise.

While I attempt to get myself back into high gear, I thought I would share one of my latest Dollar Tree finds.......

Anti-bullying materials. I don't know about you, but bullying is a pretty big deal in my school. The teachers talk to their classes about it and my students will often bring up what they've learned in my room. One of my students is fascinated by the topic (and it's one of the only ways to get that child to talk). I knew that I had to buy the anti-bullying conversation sticks as soon as I spotted them. The questions range from bully prevention to places where bullying can happen. I'm excited to use these with my social skills and language groups. There are twenty sticks in total which will keep us talking for quite some time.

 As an aside, I recently discovered these two books for social skills. I think they are great books to help students talk about self-esteem and being confident.

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