Thursday, January 9, 2014

The magical moments are the best

The weather has been wacky and so has my brain. It's been a week jammed full of creativity after several weeks of nothing. I love having such a creative streak, but it can sometimes get overwhelming when you try to do everything at once. It doesn't help matters when you have to lead three IEP meetings as well as attending a fourth as a related service. It is nice to get so many taken care of in two weeks time. I just feel like I've somehow misplaced my brain in the process of trying to get our newest required paperwork (Pink folders containing all therapy notes and plans of care) with the rest of the IEP folder on time for audit. 

I found another pinterest idea to do with my students that was originally intended for sight words. I modified it as another way to teach colors to some of my younger students. What you do is write a word in white crayon. You give the students washable markers and have them color over the crayon. The word will appear like magic. I was very entertained with this activity today and know that my students are going to LOVE it. (I usually try to test stuff out before I do it with my students.) I printed out two sheets of plain squares to write in and outlined each block in the color. This way I can target following directions as well as vocabulary by telling them to color in a specific box.

This activity is extremely versatile. You can use it for vocabulary, articulation, phonemic awareness.....and the list could really go on forever. Students may even want to write the words themselves once they see how the words appear.

I made up a set of six squares as well as conversation bubbles that you can grab here.

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