Monday, January 6, 2014

PediaStaff/Pinterest Inspired Post

I ran across a post on PediaStaff for "Sound Flakes" right before Christmas break that inspired me. I made paper snowflakes for a craft activity with my students during my CFY year. However, I had never thought about using them as a therapy material. 

I made a set for articulation that I plan to place on my blackboard once they're laminated. I used the school's Weber book to pick out my words for each snowflake. They are all double-sided. (It may take 2 weeks to get them all laminated lol.) My students can look at them and practice independently while they wait for their turn.

The real fun began when I thought of other uses for the snowflakes as I had several of them left over. There was no way I was going to let two hours of cutting these little guys out go to waste. So I made a set for syntax. Each snowflake features one part of speech. They will have to pick words to create a sentence. I also plan on letting my Colorful Semantics group make their own snowflakes and color them according to the system.

These snowflakes can do double-duty for students working on Wh questions. We can review which question word goes with each snowflake and practice asking questions.

You can easily turn them into Vocab-Flakes too using the EET. I would suggest just writing one word around the middle of the snowflake and using the sides to cover each of the components. The possibilities are endless. :)


  1. Very creative! I might just have to borrow this idea!

    1. I can't take credit for it. I just modified it! :)