Thursday, January 30, 2014

Because I wish I had stock in Dollar Tree....

In preparation for my presentation last week, I had to visit the Dollar Tree for 4 packets of tape. The universe must have a law of Dollar Tree that states you will come out with more than what you intended on buying. It NEVER fails. I always find 4-5 extra things that I just have to get for work.

This time it was sticker scenes. I couldn't resist the cheerful colors and goofy characters. I'll blame it on not being able to print anything in color at any rate.

The picture scenes really remind me of Super Duper's Magnetalk. You can use them for following directions or making up a little story scene with sequencing for a fraction of the cost. The only thing that you really need to do is get them laminated. I stuck my stickers on a sheet of white construction paper just to give them a little bit more stability than the sheet they came on.

This just might be the start of a new materials collection.....

One of my favorite movies & songs from my childhood.

P.S. Serena is HOME! I'm so happy to have her home. We have to really watch her for the next three months for any symptoms of a new shunt forming (hoping that will not happen).


  1. Such good news about your sweet puppy--she is a real cutie! Wish I had a Dollar Tree store near me

    1. Awww, thank you! I'm very excited to have her back at home. She gives the best cuddles. I can't imagine living in a place that didn't have a Dollar Tree. I'm way too fond of shopping there.

  2. Glad your sweet puppy is back home with you. I know how you feel about stores like Dollar Tree. :)