Saturday, April 27, 2013

Under the weather blues....

I am sorry that I haven't posted much this week in terms of freebies or crafts. My camera is broken so I will have to figure out a better (yet inexpensive kind) to buy. I have several crafts that I really can't wait to share so I'm pretty sad about it.

In other news, my allergies are completely out of control this year. I don't have too much trouble with flower pollen but tree pollen is my worst nightmare. It's not much fun to be an SLP with no voice, hardly any ability to swallow food without major discomfort, and two kindergarten screenings to do in the upcoming week. It's been mindless hours of Hallmark channel movies and frozen yogurt bars for me.

I have many articulation students who are at the carry-over/conversational level. I made a quick activity to use with them that also incorporates language skills. The first one is for /s/.

Here is a copy of What Goes Together /s/ for you. It's the first time I've tried uploading a powerpoint file so let me know if it doesn't work. *fingers crossed*


  1. Excellent! Thanks and hope you are well enough to talk soon!

    1. Thanks! I'm getting there slowly but surely.

  2. Thanks for this, and I also hope you feel better soon!