Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Confessions of a blogger

So....I cannot get my camera to work. I've tried for two days with every available new battery and so far it won't turn on. I may have to stick to my thrifty finds for a couple of weeks until I figure out what's wrong/buy a new one.

In the meantime, I thought I would answer a question that many SLP bloggers get. How do you find the time?

Obviously, every bloggers situation is different. I have one job from 7:15-3:30 (usually 4/4:30) during the school year and no children/husband. My biggest commitment at the moment is my cat. I'm also living with family so I can save up money to buy a house. So really....I have about the same amount of free time that I had in college. My thrift shopping takes up a chunk of that time, but I have the nights to relax or make materials. (I learned the hard way that bringing home paperwork stresses me out.)

Making materials takes a varied amount of time. I may make something on the computer in one night or it could take me three weeks. Motivation is the key. My craft projects usually take an hour, but some take more like the pronoun notebooks. It's something that I really love doing. I've always enjoyed artsy things like singing and drawing. (Please note, creativity is not a requirement for this field any more than having a super bubbly personality. You just need to enjoy learning and working with people.)

As far as actually writing posts, I don't have a schedule set in stone for my blog. I write it as I have time. My first priority is getting stuff done for my job and students.

In other news, here are two of my thrifty finds for this week.....

Bug Trails by Thinkfun for $2 at my local Christian thrift store. It was practically brand new too. You can read a blog review here.

Don't Rock the Boat by Patch Products at the same store for $3 brand new. I plan on using both games for reinforcement. 


  1. how do i find the time? that's a good question! i would so love to hear from other people. because even though i work 3 days a week, i'm finding it so tough fitting all my work in those 3 days. and with a little toddler, i definitely can't blog as much as i used to even though i've so many things i'd love to share!
    these days i pretty much blog (if i do) either after 10pm or during my son's 1.5 hour afternoon nap time...

    1. *nods* I can't even begin to imagine keeping a blog with a toddler running around. I admire anyone that can with a child (no matter the age).

      I would love to know how other bloggers manage too. :)

  2. I pretty much feel like there are NEVER enough hours in the day. Usually I don't stop from 6 am to 11, take care of family, blog, sleep, repeat! I love it all...but am looking forward to summer for a much slower pace :)

    Crazy Speech World

    1. I completely agree. We don't get out until June 11 and I am counting the days down. :)