Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday, monday....

 I wish that we could have a day when everything on the news was positive. I would love to spend a day hearing about all the good things in the world--people overcoming disabilities or horrible life situations, scientific research finding cures to cancer, solutions to end hunger, etc.... My heart goes out to the citizens of Boston and all the lives touched by the Marathon. I'm not a runner, but I admire people who have the discipline to pursue the lifestyle.
 This is another pinterest inspired project. I saw the five point scale one day and decided to make an activity for it. The result is the 5 point poster with Velcro pieces. I just popped the statements into word and cut the circles with the die-cutter. 
I also made a "feelings meter" poster for my travel cart. 
Finally, I loved the little peacocks so much that I just had to make another activity. The Peacock Games is more of an inferencing based activity. I threw in some describing cards as well. You can grab your copy here