Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hats off to a world of possibilities....

I spotted these great little hats at Dollar Tree this past weekend in their summer section. My mind was instantly filled with all the possibilities they hold.

A blank canvas.

The cards you see in my pictures are for wh- questions. I just wrote the words on colored note cards and tape them on the hats based on the task. The colored note cards are a great way to keep each task set separate rather than shuffling through a bunch of plain cards. I've made a pronoun set in addition to the wh- cards so far. 

My plans for the hats are twofold. I can use them for safari hunts around my room or the hallways for target cards. I can also use them to assign a specific word for each student. The one who gets the who hat has to answer my who questions for that round. It can easily be turned into a game of "musical hats."

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