Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fixing sentences...

My motto for this week is "just keep swimming." The IEP load will eventually lighten up now that the 3/15 curfew for April 1st headcount is upon us in my district. I don't know if headcounts are something that all districts do or not, but it's a pretty big deal around here. We've all been scrambling and the NC DPI made it just a teeny bit worse by deciding to mandate speech therapists giving parents evaluation reports at the evaluation meeting. I will admit that evaluation reports are probably the bane of my paperwork existence. It's very repetitive because all of my information is already in the evaluation form (DEC 3). In the past, I had been doing this step after the meeting so I could get the official diagnosis on the form. That's definitely not going to work anymore. I guess this post is a symbol of my morning and attempt at moving out of the denial stage. 

In the meanwhile, I created a small photo album of words that are out of order. The students have to figure out how to fix the sentences. 

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