Monday, January 26, 2015

Adventures in language sampling

Language samples. It must be THAT time of the year again! Yes, folks, I have just started wading in the waters of evaluation season.

We all know that standardized assessments are only one piece of the puzzle. Information has to be gathered in other ways through interviews with parents, teacher rating scales, work samples, academic grades, etc......Even at the school-aged level, one of the best informal measures of a student's language and articulation skills is a language sample. I thought I would share some free resources that I use for language samples today.

1. Language Sample Record Sheet for 100 Utterances. 
2. Language Sample Checklist Part 1 (This targets preschool, but I use it for lower elementary too)
3. Language Sample Checklist Part 2
4. Language Sample Checklist for 20 Utterances
5. Free Language Sample Prompts  (Prompts for students who don't need pictures)
6. No-Words Freebie: Build A Snowman. (You can also use wordless picture books from the library.)
7. Free Internet Coloring Pages - just make sure you get one that contains a scene. I decided to print out some options from Frozen, but you could also use popular cartoon shows.

I have to say that using the Frozen pictures for language sampling has made my life so much easier.


  1. What wonderful resources! I mainly use language samples for my preschoolers; I have to admit, I'm not that great about actually recording and transcribing for my older kids. I've never thought about using internet coloring pages!

    1. Well, I'm glad I gave you a new idea with the coloring pages! I find its easier to pull one of those out than finding a book that will hold their interest.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your resources. I was getting ready to update how I prepare for language samples, and so it was timely for me! I love the idea of free coloring pages as another activity idea for language samples. I have loved using the book Good Dog Carl by Alexandra Day since it has only pictures and is engaging for kids. Thanks again.

    1. I hope some of my favorite resources will help you! I love wordless picture books like Good Dog Carl.