Monday, July 14, 2014

Don't stop believing

Apparently, I just cannot get over my love of all things syntax related this summer. I recently decided to re-energize the notebook system I use to teach the parts of speech to my students. 

The original, as you see above, was just a selection of worksheets that I found online for free mixed in with our practice sheets. It really lacked a true introduction into the world of grammar. Now, each part of speech is introduced with its color from the British-based Colorful Semantic program as a base. (If you aren't familiar with the color-coded system, it is basically a way to teach students how to expand their utterances with a visual component. You can get free resources from their site to get started or just skip the parts about colors.) I also added in a connection to the wh- question words for each part of speech as I often teach the two topics together. 

Then we get to the fun part! I made several worksheets to help reinforce each color. I plan on adding additional pages from brainstorming that we do in group on our lined paper and other syntax activities that I've made in the past. It can also be expanded to incorporate things from TeachersPayTeachers and workbooks that blend into the lessons. All of their work will go into these nifty notebooks until it's time to send them home for practice.

I cannot wait to see how much learning will take place with this new packet.
Grab your copy of My Parts of Speech Book here.