Monday, October 21, 2013

Turkey Talk. The emotions edition.

Some days, I just feel like this.......
If you saw me on Tuesdays and Wednesday mornings, you would definitely have to agree with this statement. It's probably from the back-to-back groups. It could also be from having a group of 4 boys that like to squabble with each other over everything. The talk card system I put into place is finally starting to pay off just a little. It is amazing how well losing a sticker for the day stays with them. I had one lose two cards last week, but the thought of losing the third card was enough to end the poor choices. It's the small things in life that truly mean the most. Since my younger groups are wrapping up the tail ends of their friendship journals, it is time for me to introduce our emotions in-depth and how our choices impact others' feelings.

I saw this pumpkin emotions game on pinterest that I absolutely love. The only problem is the fact that I don't have access to any baby wipe containers. So I had to adjust the activity to use materials that are readily available to me.
Pumpkin Emotions Game
I used one sheet of yellow poster board, one sheet of white poster board (for the face parts), one black sharpie, three sheets of red, yellow, and orange construction paper, and two sheets of brown construction paper. I drew the turkey and feathers free-hand onto the construction paper. You could also try using a template from a google search or Mailbox magazine. I taped the feathers and turkey body to the yellow poster board and had it laminated with the face parts.

The end result didn't come out too bad. Plus, I can use the face parts with other seasonal character posters, such as Santa or a leprechaun. We will talk about our feelings using Mr. Turkey and hopefully add in some role-play situations before Thanksgiving.

I also found another version that doesn't require all of the little pieces. You can easily use a die-cut to make these little guys.

Happy crafting!

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