Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My love of pinterest knows no bounds....

I'm a little bit off of my usual schedule this week. I blame a rushed weekend and the stress of being observed for the first time by a non-SLP. 

Observations by school administrators is another thing that they don't warn you about it graduate school. I think some districts handle it by sending out their lead SLP or EC director, but in my district I get observed by either the Principle or Vice Principle. I managed to be lucky enough to have one of my articulation groups during my observation time. Last week, I had to meet with the Vice Principle to explain what she would see and tell her about the three students that would be in my room. They definitely stayed true to their form. One stood up three times and the other kept trying to interrupt in the middle of drill. However, they were for the most part as good as gold. I was so proud of them for being well-behaved and producing awesome sounds. I like to give them a little something extra special when there are changes to our normal structure: applause! I found this big hand clapper in the workroom last year. I love the bright pink and how much this simple object means to my students.  

The second item of my post is proof that I can use Boardmaker. It just took me two years to figure out how to do it. I saw the idea for this bubble map at the Adventures of Room 83. I love this blog and highly recommend checking it out if you've never read it before.

I fell in love with the idea of an adjective bubble map as describing is an area where many of my students struggle. It doesn't matter if they are in kindergarten or 5th grade, I always end up talking about describing words at some point in the year. I can pair this visual with the Expanding Expression Tool or just use it on its own. The target item goes in the middle and then we'll write short phrases or words to go in each of the five surrounding circles.

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