Saturday, October 26, 2013

That Old Lady is REALLY hungry.....

I imagine that most of you are getting pretty sick of the Halloween/Fall themed posts. Please forgive me for posting one last look at the season with my plans for the week......

I drew the items that the old lady swallowed from this story so my students can feed their own personal old ladies. They will color the lady and the creatures before we tape an envelope "stomach" to the backside of the lady pages. I made up my own set to use with my old lady tissue box.  
 I'm really proud of how well my free-hand sketches turned out. I've caught quite a few teachers at my school using their Smartboards to blow up pictures and trace them. One of the few benefits to not having a Smartboard is sharpening up your old artistic skills. You could also grab these free re-telling pieces.

The end results motivated me enough to make a set for the Old Lady who Swallowed Some Leaves. I haven't colored those ones in yet so they're not pretty enough to be shown.

 For my language groups that meet twice a week, I plan on spending the first day of therapy focusing on the Bat story. My students will use the second day to compare and contrast the two Old Lady stories using this free worksheet. They could not get over all the weird stuff she ate for Fall so I'm pretty sure the comparisons will bring out plenty of funny observations. The articulation groups who are at reading level will also get to join in on the fun with these activities.

I also scooped up this fun vowel sort freebie for one of my lower articulation groups, morning remediation, and after-school tutoring groups. Let's hope the magic of Mickey Mouse and a fairy wand will make CVC words a bit more fun this week.


  1. Clever Smartboard idea to draw...I think yours came out pretty well, but I could never even attempt freehand. I remember using an old overhead on the wall to draw on football run throughs back in high school-technology!

    1. Thank you! I was surprised the first time I saw a teacher doing that, but it does really make sense when you have access to the technology.