Monday, January 28, 2013


I think there is a common theme among SLPs that we're all just a little overwhelmed this semester. I'm afraid that my creative posts may suffer for a few weeks until I can get a better handle on things at work. However, I am in the process of slowly making a few more things and am still hitting up the thrift stores.

I wanted to share with all of you my most recent "scores" from Goodwill.

This game is from the makers of Scrabble and it reminds me of a crossword. I plan on using it for phonemic awareness activities and vocabulary. It was brand new and only 1.99.
From: Game Night Guys
The biggest score of the evening was none other than:

The book was 1.00 and the discount card made it a grand total of .80 cents. If you haven't heard of these books, you need to check them out at your local library. I love this series and there are tons of pre-made materials on TPT if you like that site. Here is one freebie that I plan on using with it next year.

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